The DOTA Summit Season 8
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The DOTA Summit 8 is back for its eight season as a minor in Valve’s inaugural Pro Circuit Season. Organized by Beyond the Summit, this tournament has an impressive $300,000 prize pool and 300 Pro Circuit Points. This season’s tournament will feature 9 teams from around the world each fighting for their portion of the prize pool. Group Stages will commence on December 13th with 3 groups of 3 teams. Each group will play 3 games to hopefully conclude Groups with the most points. Those who don’t qualify for the Playoffs will have the opportunity to play for the Wild Card slot. In a single elimination format, all 3 runner-ups from the Group Stages will compete in best-of-three to win their way back into the Playoffs.

The DOTA Summit 8 has two invited teams, OG and Evil Geniuses. This year the winners of The King’s Cup: America, OpTic Gaming, were given an invite to The Summit 8. The rest of the teams participating in the Summit 8 had to battle their way through the qualifiers to secure their place at the minor. CompLexity Gaming beat out Immortals to secure their place in the North America Qualifiers and Sacred fought their way from the Loser’s Round to claim their place representing South America at the Summit 8. The Europe Qualifiers’ saw Team Kinguin secure their spot representing Europe and Virtus.Pro won out against Natus Vincere to represent the CIS Region. LGD will be representing China after winning their series against Vici Gaming and Fnatic will be representing the SEA region after an intense match against Mineski.

As the fifth minor of the season, teams will be looking to take home both their portion of the cash prize but also the coveted Pro Circuit Points. Energized and hungry for a win, watch to see the competing teams at this minor take big wins, rely on good team synergy and make care drafts.

Tournament Favourites

OpTic Gaming

This Dota 2 team, formerly The Dire, are coming off of their first place win of Midas Mode at the end of November. While they haven’t had the success that teams like Team Liquid or Virtus.Pro have, their team looks promising against the teams competing at the Summit 8. Led by ppd, OpTic Gaming has the strategies and the experience to out draft their competitors. They will face challenges when ppd and zai face their old teammates on Evil Geniuses as they both have previously played with EG’s line-up. However, ppd is one of the best drafters in the industry and knows how to draft against his old team. Look to see OpTic Gaming pick heroes like Io, Clockwerk, Crystal Maiden and Morphling to secure their wins.


CompLexity is one of North America’s most stable teams. They came in fourth at the Perfect World Masters and second at the World Cyber Arena 2017 North America Finals in the past two months. CompLexity consistently demonstrates that their teamwork and synergy is what puts them ahead of other teams. They will face some challenges when they match up against their North American rivals Evil Geniuses and OpTic Gaming but should be able to ban the right heroes to shut down their competitors. CompLexity will look to ban heroes are able to get out of a fight quickly and escape any lockdown compLexity might have.

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